Welcome to my world, The Digital Diva’s world!

Hey! I’m Lindsey Green and I am The Digital Diva on a mission to help small businesses grow socially. My passion is helping businesses or business owners use social media easily and effectively.


Whether you’re a start-up or you’re a small business that has been going for a while but you’ve just lost your path a little with social media I can give you ideas, suggestions and knowledge that will kick your business back into shape!

I have drawn my knowledge and experience from previously owning my own beauty salon business and finding out how difficult it is to find affordable and effective advertising and marketing.


I know, yes you can choose from hundreds of marketing companies so why me?

Well I like to be more of a friend, I’m not a faceless business and most of all I care. Yes its that simple. I want to help businesses increase their knowledge enough to flourish socially.

If you want a faceless and impersonal marketing company that couldn’t care less about your business, then I’m afraid I am not your Gal.



“I am so pleased I met Lindsey at ladies who latte. She helped me to use Facebook for what I wanted and gave me the confidence to carry on by myself. Thank you.” – Louise Bastow.


“What a lovely helpful lady Lindsey is! I frequently find myself banging my head against the proverbial brick wall that is facebook and whilst publicly expressing my angst on said social platform recently, Lindsey came to my rescue! Thanks so much! I was dangerously close to chucking all my devices oot the window!” – Laura Stevens